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What It Was Like To Have A Birthday During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Like many, my birthday was in April. To say my it was a memorable birthday would be an understatement.

With us being in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional celebrations were obviously not possible. While, the thought of this leading up to my birthday was a little upsetting, it turned out to be a wonderful day!

Although we couldn't go out to dinner, see extended family and friends it was oddly a VERY busy day.

It started with a custom cake drop off(in true physical distancing was a contactless drop off) from Kirsten of Four Sweets Cookies! It was probably the best cake I have ever had. It was Lemon Blueberry and had the perfect amount of icing. If you are in the GTA, I HIGHLY recommend you check them out!

That afternoon we went to pick up dog food which is a bit of a drive away, I had a call with my doctor, we got flowers on the way home, we had pizza and cake and if my memory serves me right.. I believe I was in bed by 9pm, because I was exhausted.

While this wasn't the usual type of birthday I would have.. I think it will always be one of my favourites. It was nice to go back to basics and enjoy and appreciate the simple things we take for granted like... the abilty to leave the house(even if it were to get dog food), the company of family and of course amazing cake!

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