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About Sinéad

Her Story

Sinéad is a disability rights advocate who happens to lives with, Parkes Weber Syndrome. A condition that affects fewer than 800 people worldwide. Her first service dog,  Paddington, helped her attain independence that enabled her to study thanatology at Tyndale University, travel independently across the country as well as internationally, become an effective public speaker and advocate for people with disabilities as well as become an advocate for service animals.

Sinéad has spoken at Queen’s Park Legislature and at Parliament Hill. She is on the Board of Directors of Citizens With Disabilities Ontario and is also an ambassador for the Rick Hansen Foundation. In 2017, Sinéad  co-founded the Parkes Weber Syndrome Support Group which is an international support network for those living with the rare disease.

In 2019, Sinéad was paired with her new service dog, K9 Foreman. He is an Elite Service K9 from MSAR Service Dogs. Since becoming a team, K9 Foreman has saved Sinéad's life numerous times by detecting life threatening blood clots as well as dangerous spikes in blood pressure and heart rate as well as increasing her independence daily.


Sinéad looks forward to continuing her work to improve service animal laws, not only on a provincial level, but on a national level as well. She also is committed to garnering greater public awareness and education about rare diseases, accessibility, inclusion, service dogs and the life-saving duties they perform; and last, but definitely not least, sharing what it is like to live with such a rare condition as well as relying on a service animal.

"I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being." ― Abraham Lincoln

Our Mission

Our mission is to help inform people about service animals and the vital roles they play in the lives of those who need them through education, advocacy and promoting awareness.

Our Mission


Organizations: Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador, Youth Accessibility Leader with Government of Canada.

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